19/20 Season

19/20 Film Schedule

Jeux interdits (Forbidden Games) – 11th November 2019

Monday 11th November, ODEON Cinema. Start time: 8:00 p.m.

Cert. 12, 86 mins. In French with English subtitles, 1952.

Directed by: René Clément

Based on: Jeux interdits by François Boyer

Starring: Georges Poujouly and Brigitte Fossey

The Keeper – 14th October

Monday 14th October, ODEON Cinema. Start time: 8:00 p.m.

Cert. 15, 119 mins. 2018.

Directed by: Marcus H. Rosenmüller

Starring: David Kross, Freya Mavor

‘A great story of love in adversity and is handsomely told’ – Radio Times

‘A charming and often enlightening watch’ – Little White Lies

Maiden – 9th September 2019

Monday 9th September, ODEON Cinema. Start time: 8:00 p.m.

Cert. 12A, 97 mins. 2018.

Directed by: Alex Holmes

Featuring: Tracy Edwards, Jeni Mundy, Mikaela Von Koskull

‘An exhilarating and inspiring watch’ – Little White Lies

‘It’s a knuckle-whitening tale of courage and grit.’ – Time Out

Introduction Given on the Night, Written & Presented by Phil Ray

Tracey Edwards recently said that she had never been able to truly appreciate the accomplishment of her crew until they reassembled for a screening of tonight’s film in June 2018 for the first time in 27 years, all the while laughing with disbelief as she watched herself on the big screen, almost unable to recognise her younger self.

“It changed my life, she made me who I am.” She said, “She showed me what’s possible. Oh my God, I can’t imagine my life without Maiden — it’s quite a horrible thought.” Though the experience and the race brought many happy memories there were downsides, the immediate aftermath sent her into a spiral of depression, “We had been together, for some of us, three years. We bonded, way closer than we realised. Everyone I cared about for all that time was suddenly gone. It was a massive wrench at the end. It took two years to get back into sailing.”

Maiden still permeates Edwards’ life even now — her daughter refers to the boat as her ‘first born’ and the two ‘daughters’ met for the first time when Edwards salvaged and restored Maiden two years ago after hearing that it had been rotting in the Seychelles for a number of years.

Maiden surfaced yet again, in another guise, after Edwards spoke at the director of tonight’s film daughter’s end-of-year assembly. An award-winning filmmaker in his own right Alex Holmes’ initial thought was to make a drama until Edwards told him that the entire voyage had been filmed. Piecing it together with some other race footage, the film took two years to edit to completion merging crew interviews into the story encapsulating the experience, adventure and danger.

It was in 2014, just a few weeks before meeting Holmes that Edwards was told that Maiden had been abandoned in the Seychelles. She then launched a crowdfunding appeal to buy her back to rescue and restore her. Once restored Maiden will embark on a world tour lasting three years to raise awareness and funding for girls’ education projects and will surely play another huge part in Tracey Edwards’ life again.

Feedback Review

Just over a half of the audience filled in and returned a Feedback form. From the responses returned, it was clear that this documentary had been a definite hit with the audience. Of those returning a feedback form 1 person had given it a 2 score response whilst 3 respondents had given individual scores of 3 and 4. All the remaining submitted responses (that is 92%) had given it a 5 score. One person had hand-written in a 10 score.

Those allocating it a lower score had commented with caveats more than criticisms, “Not a film I would have chosen”, “…Slow then utterly gripping” and “Fascinating but raised more questions than answers”. One comment from this group did focus on the positive depiction of the women crew and their achievement.

For the remainder of the respondents, those giving it a 5 score, a common thread that ran through the comments was centred on the achievement of the Maiden’s crew. A phrase frequently used was, “very inspirational”. This was augmented by other positive comments. All-in-all, the following comment sums up the feeling of many, “Terrific story of commitment, achievement + determination + belief… Really enjoyed it”.

Many in the audience were also emotionally brought in to the actuality of the voyage itself as shown on the screen and also to an appreciation of this documentary as an example of cinematic art at its finest. This came through very strongly with the widespread use of descriptive terms such as, “brilliant”, “excellent”, “wonderful” and “gripping”. The following comments take in and express the substance of these feelings, “First class documentary. Thoroughly enjoyable”, “Much better than expected, did not think the format would be as compelling as it was. Fantastic gripping film in its own right as well as [a] great piece of social history” and “Amazing and moving film… it seemed to leave the whole audience stunned into silence”. Clearly, a viewing experience that most in the audience were glad they had experienced.

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